C.A.R.E Program in Grove City, MN
Phone: (320) 857-2274

 Mark Your Calendars: 
All events and activities are coming back!
The office will be open 9am to 3:30 Tues -Thurs., 9-1pm Wed.
you may also call the office at 320-857-2274 or 
you may call Andrea at 320-221-3360

Care Crafters in gym at South Grove
Meeting again on First Thursday of the month at 10:30am or 2pm
call the office and find out the time!  


Friendship Club is back in action
2nd Thursday of the month at 2pm
come and join the fun - see some old friends
and have dessert!
We look forward to seeing everyone back!
June 2021 we hit an all time high of 55 in attendance! YAY!

Octoberfest is postponed for this year. But....
We are having a fall raffle and would love everyones support.
Tickets are $5.00 and available at the office or from any board member.
Drawing will be held on November 12th so don't wait to long to get your chance at Jennie-o turkey loins and other prizes and gift cards form local businesses.


C.A.R.E. Fundraisers:

Souper Bowl – Generally the Saturday of the NFL Superbowl weekend. 

Auction Sale – Donated goods from businesses (new and used).  April – check calendar.

Windmill Days - Lion's Club BINGO - snack and beverage sales will go to the Care Program

Octoberfest - Held in October with mountains of delicious food and prizes and the famous cookie walk and farmers market.

Great time at Anderson's Gardens in Litchfield ---  On to Shady's #7 for a delicious lunch and laughter       


                                                               Joyce Drange and MaryJane Barker

Dystras Gardens and a luncheon - we love gardens!

and our little friend
Bella!  Puppies
have so much energy!

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